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We love brands that go that extra mile to ensure the quality of their products and make sure that they’re genuinely useful and well-crafted. This is something which can certainly be applied to Oura and their awesome line up of wares which ranges from face masks and towels to head gear and skin care.

Oura have an incredibly emotive backstory which you can check out in the video above and this makes their products all the more rewarding and positive. Check out our pick of the best products from Oura below:

Emergent Cap

Named for the strengthened collective will to enhance the recovery experience, and empowered through hope, this stylish and well-crafted OURA Emergent Cap boasts the brand’s signature OURA origami crane. With their nanomineral technology, the OURA Emergent hat will protect and strengthen what matters most — your head.

Air Mask 2.0

The Air Mask 2.0 brings you the very best protection alongside ultra-breathability for the best of both worlds. It boasts Oura’s classic design with advanced technologies that make it very breathable while still maintaining high filtration. This reusable mask has been independently tested by Intertek and Nelson Labs to show > 99.9% filtration of viruses (VFE) and bacteria (BFE) with an N95 filter.

But the Oura Air Mask 2.0 doesn’t just filter particles as, crucially, it also kills germs. Combining premier design and self-sterilization technologies, this mask offers unique protection from harmful pathogens in the air with its laboratory tested antimicrobial effects.

Spyce Apron

Spilt milk? No problem. The Spyce Apron from Oura is antibacterial, spill-proof, and hypoallergenic. Each Spyce Apron is handcrafted in Los Angeles, so you can feel good knowing your purchase was a sustainably & ethically made product. Plus, a self-cleaning apron means less laundry. Spend less time cleaning and more time whipping up a masterpiece.

This apron kills bacteria, viruses, and other germs to prevent foodborne illness and deflects water and other liquids to keep your clothes clean from spills, splashes, and messes. The Spyce Apron is 30% lighter than the average apron to decrease neck strain and it breaks down odour-causing molecules and bacteria.

Alta Towel

The Oura Alta Towel is the most technologically advanced towel you will ever use. It goes without saying, most towels are probably dirtier than you think. That musty smell they get is actually bacteria and mould. The two love to grow on moist, damp fibres and can be easily seen under a microscope. That’s why the Alta Towel was engineered with unique technologies to kill off microbes before they get a chance to grow – keeping you and your towel clean and fresh after every shower.

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