Outlier Megafine Thin Socks

With the increasingly popular trend that is rolled-up trousers seemingly here to stay, the role socks play in determining a successful outfit is becoming evermore key. Here at The Coolector we love these megafine classic black socks from Brooklyn based brand Outlier.

Albeit something of a mystery, the Outlier brand name derives from co-founder Abe Burmeister’s attempts to create a pant suitable for cycling back in 2007. It was this creative vision that brought about a chance meeting with Tyler Clemens, and together Outlier was born. In addition to socks, the chaps also produce a range of must have clothing with chinos, denim jackets, blazers, and towels just some of the garments available on offer.




With great expense comes great expectancy, and to ensure you’re getting enough bangs for your buck, the boys Abe and Tyler don’t skimp on the materials, as they’ve crafted these socks using the finest micro-merino, reinforced with nylon for added durability.

Due to the nature of the colour scheme, these will go with just about any form of footwear, from your monk shoes to your brogues. But stern words of warning, for goodness sake please do not attempt to wear with sandals, you’ll regret it, and those around you will too.

Available in a range of purchasing options, you have the choice of buying in bulk with twelve pairs at $144, seven for $98, three for $48, or $21 each. Either way without a doubt you’re guaranteed a quality new addition to your clothing collection.

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