Star Wars Propaganda Posters

The Star Wars galaxy is one that we regularly enjoy (except for when Jar Jar Binks throws his hat into the ring) here at The Coolector so we will often meander the internet in search of great looking bits and bobs pertaining to Tatooine et al and we’ve found a corker in the form of these brilliant Star Wars Propaganda posters by Montana illustrator, Russell Walks.

There is, of course, a very attritional nature to the Star Wars movies that lends itself perfectly to propaganda posters but we’re mightily impressed with Walks’ offerings here. If you’re familiar with the sort of propaganda posters used during WWI and WWII, you’ll see where the talented illustrator has taken his inspiration from and we’re loving their retro appeal. See a few of our favourites below:







If you’re as enamoured with Star Wars as us here at Coolector HQ, chances are you’ll love these Star Wars Propaganda Posters as much as us. Russell Walks has a pretty corking website too so you should also check out the rest of his great work over there too.

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