Outlier Strong Dungarees

You know the age-old saying that there is strength in numbers? Well it’s true, so true in fact that the designers of New York City’s Outlier build some pretty badass trousers around that saying.

Outlier has been making less is more inspired clothing since it’s inception in 2008. Their practical and minimalism design sense creates clothes that will outlast the design trends and in some cases outlast the wearer. The Outlier Strong Dungarees are a perfect example of their philosophy in quality and design, especially for a pair of trousers.

Well Made Wares

The Strong Dungarees are made in NYC and are built to break in slowly and to last a long, long time. Strongtwill, a fabric that takes multiple air textured Supplex fibers and twists them together to create a yarn that’s chunky, yet soft, durable, and breathable. Strength in numbers? Check.

What’s even better is they’ve added a touch of elastane so the pants move with you, not against you. What is so amazing is the way that these Outlier Strong Dungarees is able to seamlessly blend technical fabrics, comfort, and style, all while staying at an obtainable price point. Now, to you or me this may seem like a feat of modern production, but to Abe and Tyler of Outlier, it’s been at their core from the beginning.

Outlier’s Strong Dungarees come in a very current “off black” colour, so you don’t have to worry about them going by the wayside of the ever-changing menswear landscape. The level of resilience that they offer is mighty impressive as well and this makes them the perfect choice for any wilderness adventures you’ve got planned over the next few months.

Robust & Versatile

With apparel of this nature, it has to deliver in the functionality department and that’s something that the Outlier Strong Dungarees definitely do with their hard-wearing, versatile design that makes them ideal for adventuring or day to day wear alike. We’re big fans of their level of functionality here at Coolector HQ and think every man needs a pair of these in their wardrobe.

For those of you after some new apparel for the adventures afoot as we head into spring, it’s fair to say that these cracking Outlier Strong Dungarees are a must and they will keep you in the adventurous spirit for years to come. Impeccably well crafted, stylish and versatile, a triple threat piece of clothing that we’ll be adding to our own wardrobe here at The Coolector.

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