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Some fashion brands aren’t afraid to do things differently and are always on the cutting edge of innovation so far as design and materials are concerned. One such brand is Coolector regulars, Outlier, and, as if to reinforce this fact, they’ve just announced a mighty impressive sounding piece of experimental apparel by the name of End of World Jeans.

The End of World Jeans from Outlier are so-called because their creators are billing them as being apocalypse ready due to the quality of the materials and craftsmanship that has gone into their creation. This experimental jean which are so durable as to be fit for the end of the world are crafted from the ground up from a radically robust take on denim that won’t let you down come the zombie apocalypse where you’re running for your life.

Power & Performance

Quality wares are all you’ll ever see from the guys at Outlier but they’ve taken things to a whole new level with the End of Worlds Jeans which are made from indigo dyed cotton on the exterior alongside two doublewoven Dyneema layers (with a touch of stretch) on the inside which is responsible for the miraculous and nigh on indestructible fabric that forms the basis of this striking piece of apparel.

The Outlier End of Worlds Jeans rely on a material that is commonly used by this first rate apparel brand – namely Dyneema – and they use it because it is billed as “the world’s strongest fiber™”, making it the perfect choice of material for a pair of jeans aimed at surviving a zombie uprising or apocalypse. In order to showcase the unparalleled durability of the jeans, they are built to a four second skidding standard, which basically means that the fabric can go for four seconds at 100kph without starting to fall apart – that being said, though, these are not designed for motorbiking riding so don’t be replacing your leathers just yet.

We always strive to champion the cause of those brands who have a dedication to excellence and make their wares in the right way and these are both characteristics synonym with Outlier. These End of Worlds Jeans, with its high Dyneema content ensures that they are slash resistant and almost impossible to be torn by hand. Despite the incredible robustness and durability of these jeans, they still deliver an excellent amount of comfort to go along with their superb performance.

Last a Lifetime

It’s not very often that you find brands that focus on quality over quantity so when you find a small batch purveyor of this calibre, you invariably ensure you always sit up and take notice when they’ve got new pieces to be enjoy. The End of Worlds Jeans from Outlier might just be one of their coolest experimental campaigns to date and though we’re not hoping to see if they’re genuinely capable of withstanding the end of days, we definitely want a pair in our wardrobe here at Coolector HQ.

Style, comfort and performance are seldom all seen together in a pair of jeans but that’s exactly what’s on offer with this small batch offering from Outlier which is available later this week. If you’re wanting a pair of jeans that Rick Grimes et al would approve of, then these are surely them.

Price: $450

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