URIEL GENEQT Mini Watch Cufflinks

We’re not regularly wearers of dress shirts here at The Coolector so our need for fine cufflinks is invariably few and far between but, on those occasions that we are required to wear this timeless men’s accessory, we like to make a mark and that’s why these fantastic Mini Watch Cufflinks from Hong Kong based URIEL GENEQT have really captured our imagination.

As rather big luxury watch fans, we’re always interested in design projects that tie into that industry and these URIEL GENEQT Mini Watch Cufflinks are certainly going to resonate with those in horological circles looking to make a style statement with their choice of accessories. When you put on a suit, it is the little finishes touches that really tie a look together and these superbly conceived cufflinks are right up our street at The Coolector.

Small But Perfectly Formed

Making a style statement isn’t easy in this day and age but these cool looking cufflinks definitely leave their mark and will add a real focal point to your shirt and suit combination. A great way of exhibiting your own unique sense of style, cufflinks are one of those accessories that you can truly make your own and if you’ve got a high end watch on your wrist, you’ll likely want to combine it with these spiffing little cufflinks from URIEL GENEQT.

Born from a love of watches and accessories, the URIEL GENEQT brand have wasted no time at all and jumping in at the deep end with their excellent looking cufflinks which are already making waves in what is an incredibly competitive industry. Funding on Kickstarter right now, these URIEL GENEQT Mini Watch Cufflinks aim to explore and create something that men will love and which boast great design and value – and, as you can see, it is mission accomplished.

These first rate cufflinks for watch lovers are available in four different colourways – namely red/blue, brown, black/red and gold/green – which means you’re sure to find an aesthetic that matches your personal tastes and shirt that you’re wearing. These working timepiece in their own right boast a MIYOTA movement and 316L stainless steel casing which means that they are robust and will stand up to the general wear and tear that cufflinks usually go through.

Luxury Accessories

If looking good is a way of life for you and you put great stock in the calibre of the accessories that you wear, these URIEL GENEQT Mini Watch Cufflinks are going to be right up your street. Stylish, exceptionally well crafted and offering an unusual aesthetic impact that will definitely turn heads, there is an awful lot to like here and it’s easy to see why they’re starting to pick up momentum over on Kickstarter.

As real watch lovers here at The Coolector, we were always going to love these amazing looking cufflinks and the fact they offer a working mechanism within is the real icing on the cake. If you’ve been on the hunt for some eye catching, luxurious accessories to add to your daily rotation, these cufflinks from URIEL GENEQT are right up there with the best of them. Head on over to Kickstarter now to pick up your favourite pair for a bargain price.

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