Outline Sound Reactive LED Mask

Whilst Halloween might be a speck in the rearview mirror now, there is always time to get ready for next year and, to be honest, you’re not going to find many cooler items for your costume than these amazing Outline Sound Reactive LED Mask which are funding over on Kickstarter now. These brilliant looking tech accessories are electro-luminescent mask for art and music lovers and they are available in eight new designs on the crowdfunding platform.

The Outline Sound Reactive LED Mask is a whole new level of design so far as masks are concerned and you’re not going to find anything with more of a visual impact than this and you’ll be blowing minds left, right and centre when you flick the switch and put these masks into action. They integrates art and technology into an incredibly versatile accessory that mesmerises anyone who sees it.

Light Up Your Life

Incredibly engaging and well designed, these Outline Sound Reactive LED Masks are capable of transcribing any sort of music and any type of rhythm into amazing illuminations which will be reflected in the movements of the mask. These masks are easily wearable, foldable and adjustable making them incredibly versatile and portable as a costume or music accessory for any occasion, they are the ideally ally.

Each one of the Outline Sound Reactive LED Masks are powered by phosphorus ink which has been paired with a lithium modulator. Phosphorus ink is a material that uses minimal power, is cold to the touch and emits a very captivating glow and delivers the amazing visual impact of these masks. This is the same technology you’ll find in watches to light the faces. The modulator then converts the sound waves into programmed patterns delivering striking, pure organic light.

Lightweight, malleable and simple to fit into your pocket or bag, you can wear the Outline Sound Reactive LED Mask anywhere and you will instantly become the centre of attention. During parties, festivals or even just messing about in your living room, these masks are fun, eye-catching and cleverly crafted in a number of different styles such as foxes, robots, gorillas and many more besides.

Illuminating Designs

We’re loving the wide variety and styles of designs there are to choose from with this Kickstarter campaign and if you’re looking for something to make you the life and soul of the party, these brilliant LED Masks from Outline are sure to do exactly that. The masks are designed by Patrick Seymour and BÜRO UFHO and they are immensely striking and engaging to the point where you simply won’t be able to take your eyes off them.

Flying past its funding target on Kickstarter it’s clear to see there’s a pretty big market for these cracking designs and for those of you that like to be the centre of attention, these masks will be the catalyst for achieving that. Expertly designed and crafted, you’ve still got plenty of time to throw your support behind the project and get yours for a bargain price.

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