Von Doren GrandMaster Watch

Chess is a game of precision and timing and the same is true of high end watches so it makes sense for a timepiece to be inspired by the legendary game that is a battle of wits. What you might not have expected, however, is for the finished product to be quite as dazzling and luxurious as the stunning Grand Master Watch from Norwegian watchmakers, Von Doren. If you love horology and chess, this is the watch for you.

The Von Doren Grandmaster Watch is the sort of high end timepiece we’ve come to expect from this Norwegian watch brand and this isn’t the first time they’ve graced the pages of The Coolector. The Grandmaster Watch is available in two iterations – one with and without a window to the mechanism on the watch face – and, regardless of which you pick, you’re going to be treating your wrist to one of the coolest looking watches on the market right now.

Elegant, Sophisticated Design

Understated in appearance, both the Grand Master Mark II and Grandmaster Mark II Open Heart (with the visible movement) are timepieces that have left us thoroughly impressed here at The Coolector and for any man with a love of the ancient game of chess and the desire to get a stylish, impeccably crafted watch on their wrist then you really need look no further than this.

The Von Doren Grandmaster Watches are supremely well made, having been put together by hand in their Swiss factory, and there truly is a tangible sense of quality to the touch with these gloriously designed and manufactured watches from Von Doren. With out of this world specifications and materials which includes an automatic STP 5-15 self winding movement with open balance wheel, 26 Jewels, 28 800 vibrations 4Hz and a power reserve of 44 hours, it’s plain to see these timepieces really are a cur above.

Limited to just 200 pieces, these magnificent looking watches from Von Doren aren’t going to be around on the shelves for long so if you like what you see and want to get one of these belters on your wrist, you’ll need to move quickly and get your pre-order in as soon as possible. With a luxurious Italian leather strap and a double domed sapphire crystal 316L stainless steel casing, the quality on offer here really is second to none.

Check Mate

Inspired by the Grand Masters of the world of chess, this exemplary timepiece from Von Doren is a mighty dapper offering and one that men the world over are going to be falling over themselves to get their hands on. Stylish, Swiss made and boasting first rate materials throughout, this is what watchmaking is all about and Von Doron are a watchmaker that we’ll definitely be keeping our eye on in 2018.

With just 300 of the Mark II and 200 of the Mark II Open Heart to be made available (at a cost of €1750 and €1950 respectively), only 500 wrists will count themselves lucky enough to be home to one of these glorious looking watches and if you want your wrist to be one of them, we’d recommend getting your pre-order in sooner rather than late.

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