Outsiders Apparel A/W 14 Collection

Outsiders Apparel are a brand we’ve got a lot of time for here at Coolector HQ and we were understandably delighted when we stumbled across their Autumn / Winter collection for 2014 which, as we of course expected, is decidedly awesome and boasting plenty of stylish pieces we’re hoping to add to our own winter wardrobe. Operating out of Edinburgh, Outsiders Apparel are right up our street from an aesthetic point of view and their latest selection of wares is certainly no exception so if you’re looking to give a fresh impetus to your own fashion rotation this winter, a look in their direction will not go amiss.

It’s always best to stick to what you do best and, in the case of Outsiders Apparel, this is printed tees, sweatshirts and other associated accessories and they’ve stuck to this tradition with their most recent series of awesome looking menswear. Entitled the “Urban Explorer Collection”, it is clear that the Scottish label have got a certain demographic in mind and we’re in no doubt that they will be attracting them with their superb array of top notch printed tees and other bits of clothing excellence. We’re particular fans of the Wee Mountain printed tee here at Coolector HQ but there are plenty of other items that have caught our eye in the A/W 14 collection and you can see a few of our favourite pieces below:





We’re all for championing the cause of UK based menswear labels and Outsiders Apparel is definitely one of our favourite purveyors of T-shirts and other accessories here at The Coolector and you can rest assured that our interest in this brilliant brand won’t end with their top class Urban Explorers collection and we will be waiting with baited breath to see what they have in store for 2015.

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