Pacific Rim

For fans of Guillermo Del Toro (like myself) you’re in for a likely treat this Friday (July 12th) when the Mexican auteur unleashes his latest labour of love on the cinema circuit in the form of the much-anticipated Pacific Rim (and, somewhat excellently, early reviews are seeming to suggest awesomeness is inherent in this summer blockbuster).

This science fiction romp, set in the relatively near future, sees soldiers in giant mechanical suits do battle with behemoths from beneath the sea and, safe to say, it looks like the visuals make it one of the few recent films that actually merits the 3D treatment. Del Toro wasn’t satisfied with merely directing this epic, he also takes the writing credits too and as a firm fan of the chaps previous offerings like Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy, I’m going to be the first in the queue when it hits our screens in a couple of days. I blatantly won’t be, I’ll probably forget if anything.


Check out the official site – HERE.

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