Pacific Standard Time Waterproof Watch

Wooden watches are something that are quite divisive amongst watch lovers but when they are as magnificently crafted and stylish as this latest Kickstarter offering from Pacific Standard Time, it really is hard not to be impressed.

The Pacific Standard Time Watch is billed as being the world’s first fully waterproof watch capable of reaching depths of 100m and it is designed with the adrenaline inclined in mind so if you love to surf, dive or climb, this is the watch for you.

Aesthetically superior and infinitely more stylish than most wooden watches we’ve come across here at Coolector HQ, this offering from Pacific Standard Time is available in two legendary Hawaiian woods, Milo and Koa and each has their own striking visual appeal. Check out a few more shots below:








These excellent looking waterproof, wooden watches from Pacific Standard Time are thoroughly impressed from both a style and performance standpoint and just some of the most eye-catching features of this cracking timepieces includes the fact they are crafted from exotic Hawaiian woods, sapphire crystal glass front, 100m water resistance and a stainless Steel dial with Polynesian & Micronesian tattoo patterning. All in all, a first class wristwatch which is bold, uncompromising, stylish and funding over on Kickstarter right now.

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