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Now that summer has arrived in earnest, the prospect of heading on a road trip is a very real one and there are few better ways to experience such an adventure than atop a motorbike. When hitting the open roads on a bike, it is important to make sure that you have the right gear but you also want to look good while you ride and that’s where awesome brands like Pagnol come in with their stellar selection of leather motorcycling jackets.

If you value both unparalleled style and impeccable performance when it comes to your motorcycling gear, Pagnol are a brand that need to be positioned firmly front and centre on your radar because they positively excel in both areas and this is made abundantly clear the minute you lay eyes on their gloriously well made M1 and M2 leather motorcycling jackets. Exceptional style combines with unbeatable performance to deliver the last riding jacket you’ll ever need.

Ride in Style

As relative newcomers to the motorbike apparel market, you might expect that Pagnol might gradually ease their way into it but this couldn’t be further from the truth. They’ve delivered big hitting products straight off the bat that are resonating with those with opinion that matter in the biking industry such as Walt Siegl, Sacha Lakic and Bryan Fuller and the fact that their wares are proving immeasurably popular amongst those who live and breathe motorbikes is testament to just how well made they are and why you should be looking to get your hands on some this summer.

It’s not just those who operate in the biking arena that are being won over by the calibre of the apparel from Pagnol as it is being seen on a diverse range of riders such as top pastry chef, Johnny Luzzini to artistic director, Robert Wakeland. Put simply, Pagnol make gear for bikers, loved by everyone.

It’s difficult to know where to begin with the products from Pagnol because they’ve got some many excellent ones to choose from and for anyone with a love of hitting the road on their motorbike and looking great whilst doing it, check out a few of Pagnol’s must have products below:

Pagnol M1 Jackets

The cornerstone of the Pagnol collection of biking gear, the M1 Jacket is positively overflowing with old school cool and looks like the sort of thing that Steve McQueen et al would be only too happy to wear. The fantastic M1 Jacket from Pagnol is where it all began for this superb brand and you can see the amount of love and understanding of biking aesthetics and requirements that has gone into its crafting. Not content with mastering the world of motorbikes, Pagnol, have begun to turn heads in the auto world with their M1A Auto Jacket which we’re loving here at Coolector HQ.

Engineered with key stretch areas like the under the arms and made with Schoeller kevlar the M1 from Pagnol has centre back and elbows accordion panels for a stylish, slim fit. It also has SAS-TEC soft foam purpose built for slim fit jackets. This cracking piece of biking apparel boasts a slim fit and blend of modern-retro design that we’re loving here at Coolector HQ and if you’re after a stand out jacket for all your biking needs, this is surely it. As you might expect for an item so awesome, stock is running low on some sizes so get your preorders in for a quicker delivery.

M1 / Price: $438

M1A / Price: $455

Pagnol M3 Pants

Just as important as the jacket when riding is what you cover your lower half with and, it’s fair to say, you’re probably not going to find anything cooler or better made than these brilliant looking M3 Pants from Pagnol. Billed as the redefinition of the leather moto pants, this first rate offering will appeal to those riders that demand protection and style and the innovative design of these pants helps to ensure leg injuries are kept to a minimum.

The M3 Pants from Pagnol boast a snug, skinny jeans-esque fit and they are designed in the normal manner you’d expect i.e. to be worn tucked in moto boots, but they can also be worn over slim lace-up boots with the zippered gussets open or, if the boots are slim enough, with the gussets closed over them. This provides more flexibility with how you choose to wear them and this is something that any regular biker will definitely appreciate. Last, but not least, the upper leg seams have been carefully designed on the front of the legs, ensuring  they are kept away from potential impact areas.

Price: $335

Pagnol M4 Gloves

Choosing gloves for your biking needs can be a minefield in terms of finding a pair that meet all your requirements but this is no longer an issue now you’ve discovered the expertly conceived and crafted Pagnol M4 Biking Gloves. Again, a deeply innovative product which aims to redefine what bike gear can be and, as you can see from the mighty impressive visual impact they boast, they’ve hit the nail firmly on the head.

The M4 Gloves from Pagnol don’t have the the standard knuckle shaped protection as they decided to design their own 1/4″ foam padding that doesn’t just deliver knuckle protection but it also ensures the gloves have Pagnol’s signature look. With a desire to let riders wear the gloves under or over their sleeves, they are engineered with a wrist system of double adjustments to make sure the glove fits securely to the hand.

Price: $60

The good news just keeps on coming with Pagnol as they’re currently running a 30% discount in the run up to Father’s Day so if you’ve got an old man that loves to ride, you’ve got the perfect gift sorted with the amazing wares on offer here.

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