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Smartphones are an integral part of our day to day lives now and with each passing year, there are new features and applications being added to them to increase their apparent functionality but if you want a more minimalistic offering that is still a mighty versatile device, you’ll want to sit up and take notice of the PALM Smartphone. Described as being “Designed for Action”, the PALM Smartphone wants to bring people out of their tech and into their lives by doing away with the distraction they inherently lead to.

The PALM Smartphone is an ultra-mobile device that’s about the size of a credit card with an abundance of smart features and quick actions, which means that you can rapidly access everything you need and nothing you don’t – even when your smartphone is nowhere to be seen. This fantastically understated and innovative device that syncs with your Android or iOS device so you’ll never miss a thing, even if your smartphone is at home.

Small But Perfectly Formed

The beauty of the PALM is the fact that you can enjoy the benefits of your smartphone without having to carry it with you on every adventure. Roughly the size of a credit card, the PALM is super smart not super sized which means you can take your connectivity everywhere, from the treadmill, to the beach, to your local craft beer taproom. It has a stunning HD display courtesy of the custom-built high pixel density 3.3″ display which ensures excellent brightness, remarkable contrast and bold, vibrant colours.

Built for all your outdoor adventures, the PALM is water and dust resistant and its IP68 rated construction means it is as rugged as it is sophisticated. Water resistant and discreet, it is the ideal ally for adrenaline junkies, modern minimalists and everyone in between. It has two built-in cameras of excellent quality – a 12MP rear camera and 8MP front camera – which will let you capture every adventure in vivid quality.

It comes with a so-called “Life Mode” which  eliminates distractions (an all too common problem with today’s smartphones which are seldom far from our hands) by silencing incoming calls and notifications every time the screen is turned off. When you wake the screen, your Palm will instantly become fully connected once again so you’ll never miss out on life’s most important moments as it’s ready to roll once again.

Excellent Technological Components

Filled with eye-catching tech features which includes Facial Recognition and Google Assistant Help, the PALM will be a real godsend for when you want to leave your main smartphone at home. This clever bit of kit isn’t just smaller, it’s smarter than the average smartphone. Quick actions are available on many of your favourite apps where you can press and hold the app icon on your home screen to quickly create an event, send an email, or play your favourite playlist.

Just some of the stand out features of the PALM include a Qualcomm® 435 processor with Octa-core CPU, impact resistant front and rear Corning Gorilla Glass, 3 GB RAM / 32 GB Storage, an all-day battery life* with 3+ day standby time and lightweight design weighing in at just 62.5g. The PALM will be available in gold and titanium versions so you can pick the one perfect for your own sense of style.

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