BOLDR Rockpack Bags

With autumn being one of the best times of year to head on a short break away, we’re inevitably in the market for some cool new carries here at Coolector HQ and these Rockpack Bags from BOLDR, which are funding on Kickstarter as we speak, have something for everyone. Consisting of three different style bags, the Rockpack collection are suitable for all adventures; from urban commutes to wilderness escapes. Crafted to combine into robust tactical travel gear, there’s nothing that these first class bags aren’t prepared for.

The BOLDR Rockpack Bags was born from a frustration of owning bags that didn’t quite do exactly what they desired. Whether this be having to rummage through them for items in pockets, not having the right storage to put your stuff, uncomfortable straps  not fit for purpose or just uninspiring designs which made buying bags a minefield. As a result, BOLDR decided to come up with three distinctive bags that each fulfilled a different need and function in our lives.

Plenty of Options

With three different bags to choose from with the BOLDR Rockpack collection – namely, the Sling, the Duffle and the Kit – you’ll be able to find the ideal accessory for any storage requirement. Each of these carries is the embodiment of what good bags should be; as they are chock full of clever features you shouldn’t have to live without, robust enough for any scenario, while looking stylish and durable as hell.

The BOLDR Rockpack Bags on Kickstarter are right up our street here at Coolector HQ as they are functionality personified and, truth be told, we’d probably one of each of these carries. The Rockpack Sling (£82) is a customised cross-body sling, which has been designed to be the best companion for a daily commute. It boasts features that are specialised compartments for laptop, phone, powerbank and other daily urban gear, with enough space left over for a change of clothes or outerwear. The Rockpack Duffle (£99) does what it says on the tin and has an ergonomic 3-way carry strap system that can be tailored to any occasion: shoulder strap, shoulder sling, tote handles. The Duffel boasts various specialised compartments; with inner pockets that separate accessories, documents, cables or dirty shoes/clothes.

Last but not least, there is the Rockpack Kit (£22) which starts small but effortlessly expands to fit either gear, tech or toiletries. The Kit does a great job of compartmentalising your gear – specially designed pockets which feature waterproof material or breathable mesh compartments, so you can keep your possessions clean and dry no matter what. Courtesy of a clip-loop and MOLLE system it can hook to anything, anywhere; in a bathroom, on a branch, in your car, above your desk or even another Rockpack.

Magnificent Materials

When it comes to bags and accessories, it is the materials that are the most important component and they’re of a high calibre with the BOLDR Rockpack collection. They are crafted from durable BOLDR ballistic nylon in 1680D weight and tough Hypalon materials that are rip-proof and water resistant. The inner lining is water resistant nylon with a honeycomb ridged pattern that provides extra durability, while remaining stretchable.

The little details are also impressive with these excellent bags from BOLDR on Kickstarter including YKK buckles, rings, hooks and tri-glides ensuring maximum durability even with wear and tear. Even the zipper tabs are laser engraved Hypalon to last even thousands of pulls. All Rockpacks feature an easy-to-use MOLLE system to clip other bags or accessories on securely.

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