Papa Wolf Supply Co

When we discover brands that pedal a veritable smorgasbord of awesomeness here at Coolector HQ we invariably rejoice and that’s the situation we now found ourselves in after stumbling across a fantastic American brand by the name of Papa Wolf Supply Co. who boast a mightily impressive array of wares which includes (but is by no means limited to) t-shirts, mugs, beard combs and coffee.

Papa Wolf Supply Co. are a New Hampshire based collective of designers and craftsman who come together to produce some truly cracking goods which have thoroughly caught our eye at The Coolector. It’s no secret that we are firm fans of nature / great outdoors related brands round these here parts and Papa Wolf Supply Co. definitely tick all of boxes from an aesthetic and ethos point of view.

This first class brand aim to produce goods that people genuinely care about and who are interested in how they are made so, in short, they are for those who have a passion for good craftsmanship and a dedication to creating eye-catching, functional and, in our opinion, awesome wares. The brand has a bricks and mortar store in Dover, New Hampshire, where various artisans accumulate to sell their impeccable goods and many of these you can see above.

If you too find favour in brands with a simple, honest mindset and who consistently produce engaging and unusual fare that you won’t typically find on the high street then you’ll find plenty to enjoy with Papa Wolf Supply Co. and it’s safe to say they’ve well and truly won us over here at Coolector HQ with their spiffing selection of goods to be found on their treasure trove-esque website.

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