Anti Gravity Backpack by Tessel Supply

We’ve featured a few backpacks of late here on the pages of The Coolector but not many have been as outlandishly awesome as this rather impressive looking offering from Tessel Supply which goes by the name of the Anti-Gravity Backpack. What sets this beast apart is the fact that it is a magnetic, modular backpack which is, in fact, a series of storage device which can integrated together as you see fit.

The Anti Gravity Backpack has been inspired by space exploration and is crafted from 420D coated nylon which is a highly durable material that will stand up to the rigours of everyday use. The backpack is currently being funded over on Kickstarter and consists of four different components. Namely, the Anti-Gravity Pack which is the main backpack itself, the Rover, which is a detachable pencil case compartment for carrying the likes of pens, pencils and USB sticks, the Lander, which is a laptop carry case and the Fuel Cell, which is suitable for smaller tablets such as the iPad Mini or Kindle Fire.

We’re mightily impressed with the diversity of this offering here at Coolector HQ and if you’re wanting a highly functional, eye-catching and unique carry for your travels or, indeed, everyday use, this excellent Anti-Gravity Pack from Tessel Supply will certainly fit the bill. Check out some more shots below:



You can also check out the video below to see the Anti-Gravity Pack in action:

[vimeo width=”750″ height=”450″][/vimeo]

There’s still of time to throw your weight behind this project over on Kickstarter and does genuinely look to be a highly intuitive and boasts a really great level of usability courtesy of the many different elements that can be detached and used individually or used together depending on the amount you need to port about.

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