DIY isn’t particularly a forte of ours here at Coolector HQ but there are plenty of others out there who are of a handy persuasion and these people will invariably require tools to help them fix, make and enhance things and one of the best we’ve seen lately is this awesome looking Ringtool by Reductivist.

There are all sorts of situations that we all encounter on a daily basis that might require some sort of tool to overcome but for the most part, people will have tools scattered all over their home with often no exact clue as to where they are stored but this could be easily overcome through grabbing yourself one of these fantastically useful Ringtools which boasts a multitude of tools that will come in handy on a daily basis.

Available in a number of different colour ways including gold and, our favourite, matte black, the Ringtool from Reductivist is definitely the sort of thing that any DIY inclined chap should have attached to their set of keys because they will likely be plenty of opportunities to bust it out and use its various devices.

The Ringtool boasts military grade plating and are made in New York with a lifetime warranty such is the strength and resilience of the tool. Each one offers a bottle opener, flathead driver, Phillips driver, two types of wrench and 3mm-8mm Hexhead tools. Take a look at a few more shots of the Ringtool below:






If you often spend time making yourself useful (something we unequivocally don’t at Coolector HQ) then you will likely have been left impressed with the functionality and visual appeal of the Ringtool from Reductivist. Crafted in the USA and superbly useful, this is a great looking, versatile tool that will definitely make a welcome addition to any man’s keychain.

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