The Patrol Tee By Gear Patrol

There are an awful lot of men’s lifestyle sites out there (including us) but one of the oldest and the best is undoubtedly that of Gear Patrol so we were inevitably impressed when they recently opened their own online store selling all manner of excellent apparel and accessories to further increase the strength of their brand. Given our love of t-shirts, we were always going to be won over by the The Patrol Tee By Gear Patrol and it’s simple but effective aesthetic.

This limited edition offering will definitely be a welcome addition to your spring and summer wardrobe as the weather begins to warm and you can start to brave short sleeves again. With “Patrol” branded across the front, this bold, stylish tee is right up our street here at Coolector HQ and, lamentably, the Patrol Tee from Gear Patrol is currently sold out but there is the intimation there that it will be brought back into stock.

Comfort and Style

Needless to say, this is the sort of typography centric tee that we fall for at The Coolector and the Patrol Tee from Gear Patrol has all the hallmarks of the sort of apparel that invariably ends up in our wardrobe. Crafted from a tri-blend of poly, cotton and rayon to deliver the unparalleled comfort that you’ll love and boasting a slim fit for the look that is typically favoured today, this great piece of apparel is one of many items that we’ve been left mighty impressed with on the Gear Patrol store.

The “Patrol” logo emblazoned across the front of the tee is screen printed using premium, water-based inks to ensure its quality and it really makes a bold visual impact that we’re loving. This cracking piece of apparel obviously going to change the world but if you’re after painfully cool, comfortable t-shirts to wear this spring and summer, it certainly ticks all of our boxes here at Coolector HQ.

This traditionally styled crew neck t-shirt needn’t just be for fans of the Gear Patrol site such is its understated cool and superb comfort levels and for those who like to make an impact with their choice of tees, it will be the ideal choice over the next few months and beyond.

Versatile Apparel

Perfectly suited to any occasion, whether this be heading to the gym or enjoying a craft beer or two with friends, the Patrol Tee from Gear Patrol is a top notch piece of apparel that delivers versatility and style in abundance.

As fans of Gear Patrol in general, we can wait to see what other bits and pieces find their way onto their expertly curated store and if this tee is anything to go by, the apparel in particular is going to leave us wanting more here at The Coolector. Great comfort and style in a bold and traditionally cool tee.

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