The Ollie Chair

Needless to say, you can’t really get by without furniture but it can be quite a space-hog, particularly if you’re living somewhere with less space than you’d like or need and that’s why great pieces of design like this Ollie Chair by RockPaperRobot are a real godsend for those where space is at a premium.

Funding over on Kickstarter now, the Ollie Chair is billed as a space saving, lumbar supporting, weather resistant mechanical marvel and whilst that’s in no doubt, it is also one of the coolest and most versatile pieces of seating we’ve seen in a while here at Coolector HQ and we’re not surprised to see it’s already begun to take Kickstarter by storm.

Spectacular Space Saver

Boasting such an innovative design, the Ollie Chair is capable of providing a highly functional piece of seating when you need it and, when it’s served its purpose, it is easy to fold it back flat and store away out of sight (although, such is the aesthetic appeal of the Ollie Chair, you likely will want to keep it on display). Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and for home or business needs, the eye-catching Ollie Chair will deliver both comfort and style to any property and the versatility it offers really sets it apart from the crowd.

The chair has slatted wood design, which is known as a tambour, and this is the most important element of its design make up as it allows it to fluidly transform between ergonomic and flat profiles quickly and easily. Combine this with its aluminium body and you’ve got yourself a mighty resilient, retractable structure with an unparalleled aesthetic appeal. The Ollie Chair will add a real touch of class to any room and offers exceptional comfort to boot.

The use of a tambour, something that you may have seen before in things like roll top desks, makes the Ollie Chair a really unusual and striking piece of furniture and the ability to customise and use it in a number of different ways is a feature that will definitely appeal to homeowners that may be lacking in space.

Keeping a Low Profile

An extremely slim profile is a key feature of the Ollie Chair because it means you can hang from the wall or place flush against a wall and you’ll no longer feel the need to relegate your folding chairs to the closet and only get them out when you need them. Never has a folding chair been as attractive and well designed as this and it’s easy to see why it’s already rapidly approaching its funding target over on Kickstarter.

If you’re on the hunt for some highly attractive, functional and versatile seating for your home or office and don’t want it to take up to much space, the Ollie Chair is unquestionably going to tick all of the right boxes. There is still time to head over to Kickstarter and pick up a set of chairs for a bargain price.

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