No, we’ve not gone off on a bit of a tangent here at Coolector HQ and decided to do a post about file hosting service, Dropbox, as this slightly differently named DROP Box is, in fact, a modular and transportable hotel suite which might just revolutionise the sorts of places that we’re able to stay in the future.

Hotels are expensive to build and often quite restricted in terms of where they’re actually allowed to build their properties but the rather fantastical looking DROP Box might just be serving up the ideal solution to this problem with a highly versatile and customisable hotel suite which can be dropped in and out of spectacular settings in order to enjoy the views, nature or natural landmarks.

Hotel of the Future

The ability to have a transportable hotel suite that can be placed more or less anywhere feasible and where it is allowed is something that could open up a whole new world of travelling possibilities and, from what we’ve seen so far, the DROP Box might just be the thing to do it.

Taking its inspiration from the latest emerging trends in the field of modular micro-architecture, the DROP Box hotel suite boasts a design which is purpose built to integrate with its surroundings in an unobtrusive way and provide a highly comfortable, minimalist room for any traveller used to a little bit of luxury on their travels. With an intention of having a minimal impact on the environment, these DROP Box hotel suites would be designed in the workshop before being transported to their final destination to start welcoming visitors. You can check out a 360° view of one the suites HERE.

Hoping to open up a whole new world of adventure for those with a touch of wanderlust, the DROP Box hotel suite could see you waking up deep in the heart of a forest or on a mountain and all the while have a stylish, well-designed suite from which to enjoy it all. This is definitely a prospect that appeals to us here at Coolector HQ and we’re sure there will be plenty of other adventure inclined individuals looking to support this project too.

Innovative Design Features

The DROP Box hotel suite will be available in two sizes – one suitable for two adults and the other capable of accommodating a family – and this will entail either one or two complete rooms with a panoramic shower with incredible views and an outside terrace for enjoying the likely stunning setting in which the DROP Box has been placed.

Though not currently completely finished in terms of having the DROP Box being used as a hotel suite, all the design principles are in place and they are definitely somewhere we’d be more than happy to stay here at Coolector HQ particularly if they end up in places where it just isn’t viable to put a conventional hotel. We can’t wait to see how this one plays out in the real world.

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