Photography Mapped Print

Taking great photos can be a tricky business and understanding the intricacies involved in the actual process of photography is astoundingly complex but can be simplified into some core points and it is these points that are the crux of this superb looking Photography Mapped Print which aims to unmask the mysteries of photography.


The handiwork of Simon Roberts, a London based illustrator and designer, the Photography Mapped Print aims to deliver key information about the complex terms associated with photography which often leave amateur photographers (like us floundering) and it does so in a highly engaging and stylised way.

Cameras at the Ready

The inspiration for this great print from Simon Roberts was the fact that a Sony survey revealed that 2/3 of non-professional, DSLR camera users rarely or never took their cameras out of full-auto. This is most likely because they don’t fully understand a lot of the different terminology thrown around in photography circles so this cracking print aims to map the main relationships, terms and figures that you’ll regularly come across in the world of photography.



Dealing with issues of lighting, aperture, sensors and more, this fantastically conceived Photography Mapped Print will make for a great piece of artwork above the workspace of any camera or photography aficionado and, for those less au fait with the ins and outs of taking photos, an excellent crib sheet to work from.


At the top of the print, you’ll get a description of how photography actually works i.e. light from the scene entering the camera and being stored and the middle section of the print goes into more detail about what happens then and the bottom section of the Photography Mapped Print showcases how to control and measure the process at each stage. Detailed and great to look at – a win, win in our book.

Creative Artwork

For anyone looking to ramp up the aesthetic appeal of their workspace with some super cool artwork, this brilliant Photography Mapped Print will definitely do the trick. It is available in both an A2 screen print and an A3 Riso print so you can pick one that fits in with your workspace and the retro vibe of the design definitely appeals to our sensibilities here at The Coolector.


If you know any photography lovers and you’re stuck for gift ideas this Christmas, the Photography Mapped Print will certainly be a good place to start and you’ll be impressed by both the vintage appeal of the design and the impressive detail the descriptions go into.

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