Hamilton Watches Khaki Field Collection

As big watch fans here at Coolector HQ, we try and spread our net far and wide in order to cover as diverse a range as possible of top notch timepieces but there are some brands that we will come back to time and time again because of their quality and Hamilton is one such watchmaker that falls into this bracket – and their new Khaki Field Collection of watches is a prime example of why this is the case.


Consisting of a mind-boggling large selection of watches, the Field Khaki Collection from Hamilton has something to suit any budget and you’ll be blown away by the diversity, functional and sheer style of this first rate new series of watches from renowned Swiss watchmakers, Hamilton.

Field of Dreams

Varying in price from around $400 to $2000, these excellent watches from Hamilton will offer something for everyone and regardless of your own personal sense of style, you’re sure to be able to find one within this expansive selection that is right up your street. As with all Hamilton watches, the quality is plain to see and in the top of the range timepieces within the Khaki Field Collection you’ll find an automatic H-21 automatic calibe movement, 60 hour power reserve and sapphire crystal glass casing which makes them the perfect choice for the adventurist.



The Khaki Field Collection of watches from Hamilton delivers striking, military inspired timepieces taking their design inspiration from the 1940s style watches popular at the time. Robust and hard-wearing in their construction yet sophisticated and decidedly dapper in design, it is little wonder that this great new series of timepieces from Hamilton is proving a hit among horology enthusiasts.


Hamilton are a watchmaker we’ve a lot of time for a Coolector HQ and their dedication to providing well made watches to suit all budgets is a most admirable one indeed and the great, understated and military inspired aesthetics of their Khaki Field Collection will definitely resonate with an awful lot of watch aficionados out there – us included.

Military Magnificence

If you’re a fan of aviation and military style timepieces, this new collection from Hamilton really couldn’t be better suited to you and the quality inherent in the entire range really does set it apart from the competition. Boasting exceptional materials in the construction and such a diverse and striking selection of timepieces to choose from, the Field Khaki Collection of watches from Hamilton is one of the best we’ve come across in some time here at C00lector HQ.


Hamilton watches never fail to impress and for any many looking for a durable, stylish and fantastically well crafted timepiece that doesn’t break the bank, this new Khaki Field Collection from the superb Swiss watchmakers will deliver on all these fronts and more. Top class design combines with impeccable aesthetics and materials for a magnificent series of timepieces that we’re loving at Coolector HQ.

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