Pilot and Captain T-Shirts

The golden age of travel is well and truly behind us now lamentably. The days when it was a real experience to step foot on an aeroplane and fly to some exotic far-flung location are long gone and it is much more about getting as many people crammed onto the plane as possible and having very few personal touches or efforts to make the time in the air special – something that really shone out like a beacon during the good old days of air travel.

Well, the chaps at Pilot and Captain want to bring back this golden age and, in lieu of creating their own dapper airline (which may prove a tad expensive), they’ve bestowed some rather awesome aeronautical clothing upon us instead. Pilot and Captain is the labour of love of designers,¬†Dustin Summers and Jason Kernevich (who also operate the design studio, The Heads of State), and their exceptional range of city-specific airport Pilot and Captain T-shirts are definitely a great nod to this once golden age of air travel. Feast your eyes on some of our favourite offerings from their range below:


Take a look at the rest of their stuff over at Pilot and Captain.

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