London Cocktail Club

The London Cocktail Club is a bit of an institution on the streets of the UK’s capital city and they have an array of excellent cocktail bars in various cool locales all over London. They have, however, decided that the time is right, given their latest acquisition of a new premises in London, to take their wonderfully delicious range of cocktails to the shelves and design agency, Landor, have definitely come up with some mightily impressive looks for their latest cocktails and accessories that may be hitting stores near you soon.

Cocktails have enjoyed somewhat of a revival in recent years and The London Cocktail Club (which is the brainchild of famed bartender and cocktail expert, JJ Goodman) has the following to say regarding why this is the case, “Britain is in the midst of a revival. People are moving away from the traditional alcoholic drinks of beer and wine and are gravitating towards more sophisticated, blended, tastes of cocktails“. For any chaps who want to replicate the suaveness of Don Draper et al, you’re going to have to put down the beers and pick up the cocktails and, when they look as awesome as these offerings from The London Cocktail Club below, this shouldn’t prove to be too much of a hardship:


You can check out The London Cocktail Club over HERE.

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