Pink House

The creativity of Vietnamese architecture seems to know no bounds in our experience here at The Coolector and the latest piece of design from this south East Asian jewel to have caught our eye is the, frankly breathtaking, Pink House from 23o5Studio. It has 290m² of living space and one of the most mesmerising swimming pools that you’re likely to encounter anywhere in the world. This eye-catching piece of design focuses on exploiting areas of light and transitions in contemporary living spaces. Closed-off (privacy and security), expansion (discovery), tranquility (life), spatial experiences are continuously evolving and that’s something that this stunning architecture aims to emphasise.

Vietnam has been home to some of our favourite pieces of architecture of the last few years here at The Coolector and Pink House from 23o5Studio might well be one of our favourites to date. It boasts an extraordinary visual impact that elevates it above other houses out there and it is perfectly suited to the tropical climate so prevalent in the country. It is highly modern in its design approach and the whole house centres around it crowning glory, the open sky swimming pool that looks to be the perfect spot for some rest and relaxation.

Sensational Design

It takes a lot to be a real head turner so far as architecture is concerned but that is something that Pink House pulls off with aplomb. It is located in the LONG XUYÊN region of Vietnam and the living room and kitchen area are linked together to open the whole view out towards the amazing pool, where the light transitions between day and night. The project has been purposively designed along the vertical axis of the plan, meaning the bedrooms all have their own space and different design aesthetic.

The living space of Pink House is separated into different layers with a homogeneous wash stone (granite) material both on the inside and outside, which does a superb job of blurring the boundaries between the two, only the subject and the atmosphere surrounding the subject form a solid. The architects have carefully calculated the spaces of the home based on the purpose of use and each activity that takes place within. Architecture has a special material relationship with human life, as a cover and foundation for the life that unfolds around it and few pieces of architecture exemplify this better than Pink House in Vietnam.

There is a clever use of light throughout Pink House that directly and indirectly separate the space into different spaces: light, material, transition, tranquility, temperature all combine together to result in the sort of restful and relaxing space commonly associated with homes in south east Asia. Whenever we’re looking for bold, brilliant architecture, Vietnam is always one of our first ports of call and you can see why when it is positively chock full of glorious pieces like Pink House from 23o5Studio.

Leo Davie