Yema Superman Heritage GMT Bronze

French watchmakers, Yema, are one of the most prolific when it comes to producing high quality new timepieces and the latest to have hit their digital shelves, this spectacular Superman Heritage GMT Bronze Watch, is undoubtedly one of our favourites to date here at The Coolector. It is equipped with Yema’s second-generation GMT In-house Caliber YEMA3000 movement and this eye-catching new model preserves most design aspects of its predecessor while boasting a degraded green dial chosen by Hugues Vitry and an elegant engraved GMT bronze bezel.

The Yema Superman Heritage GMT Bronze Watch has a price tag of $1390 which, considering the quality of the components and the impactful visuals of this timepiece, is a small price to pay in our opinion. It has been designed in collaboration with Hugues Vitry, who is a marine conservation activist and professional scuba diver. He had plenty of input on the design of this classy looking watch such as making the bronze alloy used for the case more resistant to corrosion from salt water than steel, making it the ideal material to go diving with.

Dive Right In

If you’re after a luxury dive watch that doesn’t break the bank entirely, the Heritage Superman Bronze GMT from Yema has to be right up there with the best of them. Vitry and Yema decided on bronze because of its ability to patina so gracefully making each watch truly one of a kind and unique to the dives that you take it on. In the same way as fine wines, bronze watches do not age, they simply get better. The older they get, the better they get and, as each watch will age differently according to its usage and exposure to diverse weather conditions, it will truly be unique to you and no two will ever be the same.

The Yema Superman Heritage GMT Bronze Watch ($1390) has a captivating degraded green dial and creme markers which have the perfect contrast and immediately draw the eye. This devilishly dapper timepiece is just waiting to be patinated on its owner’s wrist through underwater adventures aplenty. It is waterproof up to 300 meters and comes equipped with the latest in-house YEMA3000 caliber with GMT complication. Purpose-built for travellers from all over the world, this unique model is available in two diameter sizes, allows you to read the hour in 3 different time zones simultaneously.

YEMA was the first French watch sent into space, first French diving watch going under 300m, the first French watch on a North Pole pedestrian trek and the official watch of France’s Air Force One pilots and renown transatlantic sailing champions so you know you’re getting a timepiece built for adventure with this Superman Heritage GMT Bronze Watch. Great value for money and one of the coolest looking dive watches on the market – what’s not to like?

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