The Pint by Stable Goods

Finding great looking and versatile accessories for camping trips isn’t something that is always straight forward but when you do encounter them, you know that they will be the sort of thing that you use time and time again when you head out into the wild and a fantastic new Kickstarter project called The Pint by Stable Goods is exactly the sort of epic product that campers are going to adore.

The Pint is, put simply, a stainless steel canteen bottle which can be easily, and somewhat awesomely, transformed into a cup at the drop of a hat. When you’re out camping, you’ll be likely to consumer a number of different beverages – craft beers, coffee, water, you name it, chances are you’ll quaff it whilst camping – and Stable Good’s The Pint understands this and provides a highly versatile vessel that will be the ideal choice no matter what you’re drinking.

Stable Goods look to have hit a home run right off the bat with The Pint and it’s already exceeded its funding target over on Kickstarter and the images below will probably go a long way to explaining why:









We love discovering new camping wares here at Coolector HQ and when they are genuinely innovative and boast clever design features, which Stable Good’s The Pint unquestionably does, it’s all the more rewarding.

If you want to improve your vessel choices on your next expedition into the wild, then grabbing one of these The Pint vessels from Stable Goods on Kickstarter for a fantastic price seems like a logical choice.

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