Pitarque Robots

It’s always refreshing to discover that there are others out there as obsessed with robots as we here at Coolector HQ are and we’ve found exactly such a kindred spirit in the form of a wonderfully talented chap who goes by the name of Javier Arcos Pitarque who has made some mightily spiffing tin-men for us all to enjoy – the best of which you can see above.

Citing Lost in Space as one of his chief inspirations, Pitarque has creativity positively flowing through his bones and has created some genuinely stunning looking little metallic men made from everyday objects such as coffee cans and microphones. We’re we not lacking entirely in creativity, I’d like to think we here at Coolector headquarters could make a pretty kick-ass robot from Guinness cans but we doubt they’d be in the same league as Pitarque’s happy little chaps.

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