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Our fitness isn’t something that we take particularly seriously here at Coolector HQ now that Guinness has got its steely grip upon us but we dare say that we’d probably have another bash at being able to climb the stairs without getting out of breath if we had the right apparatus to help us in a quest for fitness. Well we’ve just encountered a device that we think will be essential in our healthiness kick in 2014 and it goes by the name of the Atlas Fitness Tracker.

This impressive little number is a wearable fitness device which is a cut above many of the others on the market currently which merely acts as glorified pedometers. The Atlas Fitness Tracker plays by a whole different rule-book when it comes to tracking your physical activity and, rather impressively, is capable of measuring the body’s movement across the X, Y and Z axis so that you can use it to measure all sorts of activities undertaken in the gym such as press-ups, bicep curls and dead lifts.

The Atlas Fitness Tracker is capable of keeping a log of the users activity during a workout with very little interaction from the wearer i.e. you won’t keep having to stop to input data into the device or fiddle with buttons – it will intuitively measure your activity and provide a heart rate measurement throughout. It is the brainchild of Peter Li, Alex Hsieh and Mike Kasparian and we here at The Coolector are mightily impressed by the potential of this spiffing device which is currently going through the obligatory funding flirtation over at IndieGoGo.



If you’re New Year’s resolution was to get fit, then the Atlas Fitness Tracker may well be your perfect ally in this endeavour – although you might need to wait until 2015 as the excellent device is looking set to start shipping in Q4 2014. So, just eat what you want till then, I guess.

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