Typography Playing Cards

We’re not ashamed to admit our affinity for typography and fonts here at Coolector HQ and it is for that reason that you shouldn’t be altogether surprised that we’ve fallen mightily hard for these decidedly awesome Typography Playing Cards from Moscow based illustrator, Anastasia Musaeva.

Typography has the capacity to bring a design project to life and it is amazing to see just how far the creation of fonts has come over time and this deck of Typography Playing Cards is a celebration of all things pertaining to the art of creating lettering. If you’re a design aficionado with a penchant for a spot of poker, then chances are these awesome looking playing cards will be right up your street. Check out a few more shots of this top notch design project below:

typography 1

typography 2

typography 3

typography 4

typography 5

Well designed playing cards are nothing new to the pages of The Coolector but these from Musaeva have definitely tapped into our love of typography with their eye-catching and informative designs which shed light on the history of some of the best known fonts out there.

We’re not regularly partakers in card games at Coolector HQ but we are consistently on the lookout for cracking typography projects and this undoubtedly falls into that category. Whilst the project currently remains a concept and not available for purchase, we’re in no doubt that if they typograph0philes out there have their way, we’ll all be playing blackjack and poker with a Typography Card Set before too long.

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