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Having wrapped a go-kart around trees many a time during a misspent youth here at Coolector HQ, you would think that we’d sworn off this form of transport for life but far from it and when we came across a stunning looking Kickstarter project by the name of the PlyFly Go-Kart, it’s safe to say we were more than a little excited.

The PlyFly Go-Kart is a flat-pack vehicle that is billed as being as much fun to build as they are to ride and whilst we’re not quite sold on the voracity of that statement, the PlyFly does look all sorts of awesome and having spent vast swathes of our youth razzing around on a go-kart (albeit a slightly more pedestrian pedal-powered one), we fell in love with this fantastic looking vehicle the minute we saw it.

If you’re equally enamoured with the thought of building your own go-kart from scratch, some of the specifications of the PlyFly will likely entice you still further. This incredible looking beast has all the wooden parts, hardware, and a gas engine that you need to complete a fully functional machine that is capable of some eye-catching speeds and handles like a dream. Each set comes in three boxes and includes rack and pinion steering, disc brake, foam filled tires (non-pneumatic), adjustable seat, smartphone mount for action video and telemetry and a safety flag for increase visibility. Take a look at a video and some shots of the PlyFly Go-Kart in action below:





If you’ve a desire to give your DIY muscles a workout, you’ll not find many more awesome ways of doing so than with one of these cracking PlyFly Go-Karts and we’d love to get our hands on one at The Coolector. Boasting clever design and all the components you’ll need, this superb Kickstarter project is very close to coming to fruition and if you want something to keep you entertained this coming spring and summer, there is still plenty of time to throw your support behind the project on the crowdfunding site.

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