Wallets are something that are extremely easy to lose but, touch wood, something we’ve never yet misplaced here at Coolector HQ but we’re prime candidates for losing them given our dependence on craft ales and general forgetfulness so whenever we come across something that makes it a good deal more difficult to lose one of your most important possessions, we’ll inevitably sit up and take notice and that leads us nicely onto the Woolet Wallet.

Billed as a next generation wallet, the Woolet boasts a multitude of technological features that put it above and beyond most other wallets on the market – particularly if you’re the forgetful sort prone to losing your accessories. The Woolet has the duel benefit of looking fantastic and offering many a gadgety characteristic that makes it stand out from the crowd. The Woolet is ultra-slim, bluetooth-powered, self-charging and superbly well made by hand and the end result of this is a supremely stylish looking wallet that is nigh-on impossible to lose. Check out a few shots of the Woolet in action below:



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Available in sleek black and classic suede colourations, the Woolet boasts a minimalist aesthetic and at just 9.9mm thick, it won’t cause the unsightly pocket bulge that many wallets are responsible for. We’re big fans of technology here at Coolector HQ and when it is integrated so seamlessly into everyday accessories, it’s hard not to be impressed. The Woolet very much looks like it will find a similarly minded audience who demand striking products with a technological edge and you can put in a pre-order for this awesome looking accessory now.

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