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Needless to say, the GoPro Camera has more or less cornered the market for capturing your videos on the go, whether this be diving with sharks or mountain biking down a dirt track but what about those who want a more accessible, mountable camera that doesn’t necessarily need all the same resilience and toughness of a GoPro? Well, for those people, there is this awesome looking Polaroid Cube which will soon be hitting the market and, as you can see from the video above, looks to be a most nifty bit of kit indeed.

The Polaroid Cube is billed as a lifestyle, action camera that, despite its diminutive frame, is perfectly capable of capturing impressive videos in 1080p HD video. The first thing that you notice about the Polaroid Cube is just how small it is but this doesn’t detract from its capabilities in any way and it support to micro SD up to 32GB and even though its only 35mm it has 124° wide angle lens, and built in battery that records up to 90 minutes.

With a magnetised base, the Polaroid Cube can be easily stuck to a bike frame or a helmet to capture action videos aplenty and it is also fully water-proof so it can be used to capture any underwater shots too. It will also have a vast array of accessories to improve its functionality when it launches and if you’re after an affordable and high-performing camera for capturing your adventures, the Polaroid Cube certainly warrants a look in. Check out a few shots of this cool looking device below:





We’ve been impressed by the apparent capabilities of the Polaroid Cube here at Coolector HQ and for anyone in the market for such a device, this excellent looking one should be hitting the high street later this month and will likely retail at around $100 which makes it a much more affordable investment than the GoPro for those who just want an entry level camera.

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