Poler Cast Iron Skillet

Poler are like the annoying brother who constantly usurps you with their awesomeness given their proclivity for continually releasing brilliant pieces of kit leaving the competitors in their shade and this has just transpired once again in the form of this decidedly superb Poler Cast Iron Skillet.

It obviously looks amazing as its from everyone’s favourite outdoor goods purveyor, Poler, but it definitely backs up its visual appeal with a level of performance that will please the camping fraternity considerably.

This beast of a skillet from Poler has plenty of features that have propelled it to the top of our camping kit wants list and a few of these features include the fact that it is pre-seasoned, meaning that you can use it straight out of the box and dual pour spouts that will ensure you don’t lose or drop any of your delicious camping concoctions.

Crafted from cast iron and boasting an impressive 12″ diameter, this cracking appliance from Poler will be perfect for whipping up those morning pancakes or eggs when you’re out in the wild and here at Coolector HQ, we can think of few more essential items to have safely stowed away when you’re heading out into the sticks. Check out a few more shots of your new best camping buddy below:




Camping is a simple pleasure in life but if you’re going to forgo the luxury breakfasts that you’ll likely find in hotels, you’re going to need an instrument for whipping them up yourself and, quite frankly, there are no better tools for this particular job than the fantastically crafted and ridiculously resilient Poler Cast Iron Skillet.

We’re all for getting back to nature here at Coolector HQ, so long as we’ve got something to fashion our artery clogging pancakes on and this skillet fits the bill perfectly. Kudos, chaps.

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