Poler X Rocky Original Hiking Boots

Autumn (or Fall, however you wish to describe) is probably the season which the great outdoors is at its most picturesque so heading out into woodland terrains, countryside treks or mountain adventures is a must over the next few weeks but with the season, the weather conditions invariably become a touch more treacherous so it is important to be prepared. So far as footwear is concerned, you’re unlikely to find much better than this excellent collaboration of Poler x Rocky Original Hiking Boots.


A new take on a classic, these Poler x Rocky Original Hiking Boots adds a touch of the outdoor lifestyle brand’s trademark quirkiness to proceedings and delivers a hiking boot not only highly functional but most aesthetically pleasing indeed. You don’t need us to tell you that Poler Stuff always make fantastic wares and this collaborative effort is certainly no exception.

Boots Made For Walking

Rocky Boots are a name synonymous with hiking so it stands to reason that they joined forces with Poler Stuff, one of our favourite outdoors lifestyle brands here at The Coolector, to create this robust, stylish selection of footwear which will ensure you don’t put a foot wrong on any autumn hiking excursions that you’ve got planned.




The Poler x Rocky Original Hiking Boots are crafted from premium fleshout leather with a premium pig leather collar for that extra level of durability and visual appeal. They boast a Goodyear® welt construction with a genuine leather welt. It is this welt that provides these hiking boots with the robustness that allows you to wear them time and time again as you tackle everything the great outdoors has to offer.

When hiking, it is the sole of your footwear which invariably takes the most buffeting but you needn’t have any concerns here as the Poler x Rocky Original Hiking Boots have a Vibram® Ripple sole along with high lugs with an large incline to deliver the striking profile of these impressive boots. The comfort is provided by a EVA cushion midsole which will ensure no matter how many woodland ravines or mountain passes you aim to conquer, your feet will always be comfortable.

Limited Edition Awesomeness

As always, when something is a limited edition, our interest is always piqued a little more and these Poler x Rocky Original Hiking Boots are only available in small quantities so definitely get a move on if you want to get your hands on (and feet in) a pair of these super cool hiking boots.


Durable, stylish, fantastically well made and comfortable as they come, it’s little surprise that these Poler x Rocky Original Hiking Boots are already proving extremely popular amongst the hiking enthusiasts out there and we can think of few better things for your feet during any planned autumn adventures.

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