Pop Lock Robot


I think it is a relatively well-known fact that robots love to boogie and, for the most part, their signature dance move, contrary to what you might expect i.e. the robot, is actually a spot of break dancing and, more specifically, pop locking.

You don’t just have to take my word for it, however, and I’d recommend that you don’t because my knowledge on robots is limited. Instead, you should be taking your lead from this exceptional Pop Lock Robot App by Eness which, somewhat awesomely, is an augumented reality number that will let you slap your iPhone or iPad into camera mode and record a scene as you would normally – except for the fact this one will have an epic, iron giant getting down to some tunes in it. Which, I think we can all agree, will liven up even the most tedious of camera recordings.

Boasting endless dance possibilities (if you consider 20 endless), this brilliant Pop Lock Robot can be captured dancing down your high street, busting out moves at the bar or pretty much anywhere you can imagine, truth be told.

You can scale the robot to any size so, for example, if you want to get a video of a robot dancing next to your pint glass (as I do) you won’t have any scaling problems and, all importantly, if you want your robot to have similar sporting affiliations to you, you can customise the colours of your pop-locking robot. Take a look at how this awesome app looks in (augmented) reality below:


Found the Eness Pop Locking Robot online on the App Store or view it on the Eness website.

Via NotCot.

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