To be brutally honest, Instagram has utterly changed the way in which I take photographs today. It has become second nature to overlay an Instagram filter onto more or less every picture I take on my phone nowadays and I think this is testament to just how much better pictures typically look with various different effects applied to them. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing but the utmost of respect for photography in its most traditional form but, for those of us not blessed with the gift of taking stunning pictures without technological assistance, Instagram is an absolutely blessing.

Given the popularity and sheer amount of people who boast an Instagram profile, it was only a matter of time before all sorts of weird and wonderful accessories began to pop up to compliment this fantastic photo manipulation tool. Well, I think we here at The Coolector HQ have found the weirdest and, unequivocally, the most wonderful Instagram accessory to date in the form of this brilliant little device that goes by the name of Projecteo.

The Projecteo in a nut-shell (a particularly apt moniker given it’s minuscule size) is a match-box sized projector that lets you go online and select your favourite Instagram photos and have it delivered to you preloaded with a selection of your most cherished photos from your Instagram timeline. I think, as with most things, Don Draper can explain why this is a must have purchase in this Mad Men pitch that, quite frankly, ranks right up them with the best of them.

The pictures on your Projecteo are mounted on a specially designed wheel, on a single frame of 35mm Kodak film and the overall objective of this project from Ben Radford, Projecteo’s creator, is to bring the retro feel of Instagram photos back into the real world. Take a look at this spiffing bit of kit in our gallery below:


Find out more about this ingenious little bit of kit over at the Projecteo website.

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