Posh Projects Metal iPhone Skin

It would seem that the guys at Posh Projects have seen the runaway success of their Luna iPhone Skins as a challenge from an aesthetic point of view to see if they can improve upon what, in our opinion here at Coolector HQ, was close to perfection. Well, if the amazing looking Posh Projects Metal iPhone Skin is anything to go by, it’s well and truly mission accomplished.

Seoul based Posh Projects are constantly increasing their product range with awesome looking everyday carry and assorted accessories and the Metal iPhone Skin from Posh Projects scores highly in the visual department and will add a whole new level of effortless cool and sophistication to your iPhone 7.

No Heavy Metal

The lightweight nature of the Posh Projects Metal iPhone Skin means it won’t weigh you down and barely leaves any extra profile in your pocket courtesy of its extremely thin construction. Made using eye-catching copper, this striking accessory will immediately draw the eye and provides your smartphone with a whole new aesthetic edge that will well and truly set it apart from the competition.

As copper is a naturally antibacterial material, it is the perfect choice for these great looking iPhone 7 Metal Skins from Posh Projects and for anyone who is looking to bling their smartphone a little, this would certainly get our vote here at Coolector HQ. During the design process Posh Projects made the decision not to coat the copper and make sure that users can really feel the tangible quality of the metal and allow it to develop its own lustre and hue.

Immediately striking and wonderfully well designed, these Metal iPhone Skins from Posh Projects ideally compliment their earlier Luna Concrete Skins and if you want to make your smartphone look its best, these won’t let you down from an aesthetics or performance point of view.

Unique Visuals

Due to the fact each Posh Projects Metal iPhone Skin will be subjected to different conditions and environments for each individual iPhone user, each one will be entirely unique as the metal takes on its own individual appearance making it uniquely yours.

We’re big fans of all the wares that Posh Projects produce and from a purely visual point of view, these Metal iPhone Skins are right up there with the best of them. For those of you that like your accessories to make a statement and who value great design and materials, it’s fair to say that these will definitely be right up your street.

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