PowerBomb Charger

Let’s face it, the humble charger for your smartphone or tablet can often be a fairly mundane affair and lacking somewhat in the imagination department. For those of us who like their gadgets to have a bit of character about them, this brilliant looking PowerBomb concept design from Rahul Shirbhate is likely to be up the right street.

The PowerBomb is a whole new type of powerbank design that is both playful and functional (though we certainly wouldn’t recommend trying to take one of these chargers on a plane). The hand-grenade inspired design gives way to some rather impressive design features that set it apart as a top notch charging device which includes a heavy power charge for your smartphones, tablets and digital cameras to name but a few.

Cleverly designed and with an abundance of cool features, the PowerBomb might just be a concept at present but it unquestionably has the sort of quirky design which will appeal to retailers and its portability make a great choice of charging device. Check out a few more shots below:








An extremely quirky design that is sure to appeal to the fun-loving gadget charging chaps out there, the PowerBomb certainly looks the part from an aesthetic point of view but it also offers plenty of eye-catching features and cool design elements that might just propel it from concept design onto the store shelves.

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