PR/01 Native Union x La Boite Concept Speaker

It’s often the case that you’ll either get an audio system that even looks great or sounds great but not often will the two both be in evidence but things might well be about to change courtesy of this amazing looking PR/01 Native Union x La Boite Concept Speaker which has got unparalleled aesthetic impact along with the sort of performance that audiophiles are certainly going to appreciate.

The PR/01 Native Union x La Boite Concept Speaker is billed as a masterpiece of sound and, from what we’ve seen of it here at Coolector HQ, that’s an accurate description of its quite considerable capabilities and, when you combine this with how great it looks, you’ve probably just found your next audio solution for the home. This magnificent looking bit of kit is a collaborative effort between Native Union and audio experts, La Boite Concept, to deliver a state-of-the-art speaker for the home which has advanced connectivity, a stunning design, and unmatched acoustics.

Patented Technology

Once you’ve come to terms with how excellent the PR/01 Native Union x La Boite Concept Speaker looks, you’ll want to know that it has a compelling audio performance as well and we’re pleased to report it doesn’t disappoint in this regard. It has patented technology which includes active Pression Reflex* technology which consists of two speakers inside a multi-amplified pneumatic system. This exclusive design lets the PR/01 create an unmatched sound fidelity, even low-frequency sounds and that helps set this speaker apart from the crowd.

Boasting a robust sound performance, the PR/01 Native Union x La Boite Concept Speaker uses an innovative speaker system which helps to deliver high-power, high-fidelity audio performance in a compact and minimal form that is incredibly attractive and will add to the aesthetic appeal of any room you deploy it. The end result of this is a uncompromisingly powerful and natural sound, which is about as close to that of a real orchestra that you’d find anywhere on the market.

Designed with the future in mind, the eye-catching PR/01 Native Union x La Boite Concept Speaker boasts a variety of options for audio-in and it is also compatible with existing and future technology so you can rest assured this will be your speaker of choice for years to come. It has an innovative concealed drawer which is used to house the charging ports, wireless charging compatibility, and cables which can be fully customised to build your own personal solution.

Impressive Features

To make the most of the highly attractive design of the PR/01 Native Union x La Boite Concept Speaker, it was important to have the very best in technological performance. This excellent looking device has Bluetooth Apt-X wireless connectivity to stream music, a drop wireless charger to charge any Qi compatible devices and quality materials used throughout its construction that definitely appeal to our style sensibilities here at Coolector HQ.

If you find yourself in need of a new audio solution for your home or office this summer, the PR/01 Native Union x La Boite Concept Speaker is one of the best of the bunch we’ve seen so far this year. Wonderfully well crafted, aesthetically superior and boasting the sort of audio performance to write home about, there is nothing not to like about this first class speaker from Native Union and La Boîte Concept.

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