Project Darwin by Tim Wallace

Death Valley in California is one of the most inhospitable and harshest terrains in the world and it probably shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that it isn’t one of the most densely populated areas out there. This is something that photographer, Tim Wallace, found out for himself with his truly stunning series of photography that goes by the name of Project Darwin.

Project Darwin is named after the city of Darwin, which is, for all intents and purposes, an “abandoned” town in the heart of Death Valley which now has a population of 28 today compared with 2725 in 1877. Set six miles adrift from the main road, Darwin is a photographer’s dream ticket really because it has laid largely untouched since it was abandoned and really allows Wallace to capture some hauntingly beautiful imagery of one of America’s most well-known, yet desolate, areas.

Needless to say, the town of Darwin experienced its population boom during the gold-rush of the late 19th century and has since then become increasingly less populated to the stage where only a mere 28 people call Darwin home today. Wallace has captured this segregation superbly but we shouldn’t be surprised at the impeccable nature of his work because he is a professional photographer who works for Ambient Life. Take a look at a few of the most eye-catching images he captured from his time spent in Darwin, Death Valley below:

travel photography




travel photography

Tim Wallace is a photographer famed for his automotive imagery so if you want to take a look at his journey through Death Valley in a little more detail (and aboard a particularly fetching Chevrolet Camaro) then check out the video below:

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