Pugz Headphones

With so many different types of headphones to choose from on the market nowadays, it’s important to have a hook that helps you stand out from the crowd and that’s what we’ve got with a Kickstarter project by the name of Pugz Headphones, which are billed as the world’s smallest wireless bluetooth headphones that are charged through your smartphone.

Pugz Headphones are minimal in design and boast the perfect shape for an optimal listening experience so if you’re after some awesome looking and high performing headphones this autumn, you’ll find what you’re looking for with this great little accessory.

You can listen to and charge your Pugz Headphones at the same time and the element that really sets these headphones apart is a patented part named The Squircle which is a self-guiding magnetic connector. Check out a few more shots below:





Designed for those with an active lifestyle, Pugz Headphones are just as suitable for use whilst exercising as they are for your daily commute and the fact they’ve secured over a million dollars in funding so far over on Kickstarter is testament to the fact they are exactly the sort of headphones that consumers are looking for.

Great design, superb performance and extremely durable, a great example of the sort of fantastic products that can emanate from Kickstarter and other crowd-funding platforms.

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