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We’re partial to a spot of cycling here at The Coolector (weather permitting) so whenever we come across a new bicycle brand that has something to it, we definitely sit up and take notice. Well, it’s fair to say, the good chaps over at Pure Fix Cycles have certainly caught our attention and have us noticing their fine selection of bicycles – most notably, their “Glow” series that glow in the dark and look rather impressive to say the least.

Pure Fix Cycles design bikes for the love of cycling and all that clambering aboard two wheels entails and given the amazing steads which they release on the market, we here at The Coolector are loving their offerings. Though I typically don’t get on my bike unless the sun is out and looks like it will stay out, I think a machine as awesome as the “Fixies” from Pure Fix would compel me to get on the road come wind, rain or shine. See why these Pure Fix Cycles have got us excited below:


Pure Fix Bicycles are all about quality and their fixed gear bikes really amongst the best in the business, delivered direct from the manufacturer to you, thereby cutting out any middle men, which, brilliantly so far as The Coolector is concerned, keeps cost to the minimum – which means despite the exemplary nature of Pure Fix bikes, they don’t cost the earth.

Price: $300+

Available: Pure Fix

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