Division Furtive Type 40 Watch

Division furtive

Spies are inherently cool. This makes them prime fodder for featuring on The Coolector and, I think it’s fair to say, if James Bond et al didn’t have Q looking out for all their gadgety needs and they were left to their own volition to choose which watch they wanted to wear, they’d definitely gravitate towards this rather awesome Division Furtive Type 40 watch. I don’t think spies are so bothered about being able to tell the time – it’s all about looking cool and mysterious and this mesmerising timepiece will tick both of those boxes for sure.

Billed as a dual-linear LED display watch, which basically means that it’s got two light strips illuminating across the watch face that will tell you the time, date and all the other pertinent bits of info that you’d probably demand from a timepiece. The Division Furtive Type 40 watch is perfect for those after a touch of exclusivity from their watch as it is limited to just 1000 pieces and, given how unique and stylish it is, they will positively fly off the shelves so get in there quickly is The Coolector’s advice.

Described as being ready for action, this incredibly robust timepiece boasts the sort of visual appeal that we’ve got a bit of a soft spot for here at Coolector HQ and, given our penchant for unusual looking watches, it has got our attention with its spiffing design. Manufactured from epoxy filled plastic, the durability of the Division Furtive Type 40 will set it apart from the crowd and for those of us who like to have objects that are in limited supply, you’ll be pleased to here that each of these exemplary timepieces has a serial number emblazoned on the side of the watch face. Feast your eyes on the Division Furtive’s patent awesomeness below:


If you’re planning on showcasing your spy credentials, then you will probably want a Division Furtive Type 40 watch strapped to your wrist in order to give the illusion right off the bat. A wonderfully conceived and designed timepiece that offers originality in spades.

Price: $295

Available: Division Furtive

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