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push for pizza

No matter how healthy you are or pretend to be, we’ve all got a soft spot for pizza no matter how hard you try to deny it and we’ve all been in that situation whereby we desperately crave pizza but simply can’t muster the inclination to physically order it and all the faff entailed with speaking to the pizza take out. Well, that, sir, is about to come to an end courtesy of an awesome new app that goes by the name of Push For Pizza and, in an a rather excellent case of doing exactly what it says on the tin, will let you push a button on your phone and pizza will magically arrive at your door.

Simplicity is key with the Push For Pizza app which preys on our inherent laziness by letting us order a choice of either regular or pepperoni pizza at the mere touch of a button. The app requires you to fill in the details of your favourite local pizza takeouts and your financial details just once and, from there on out, it’s all plain sailing and you’ll be ordering pizza with wild abandon for breakfast, lunch and dinner – or, at least, we will here at Coolector HQ.

The Push For Pizza app was, as you might have anticipated, built by five teenagers with a love for pizza, three of which you can see in the video below, championing the virtues of their miraculous app:

[youtube width=”750″ height=”450″]http://youtu.be/hw07EXR8mJg[/youtube]

If you’re a pizza lover who would be satisfied with a plain and pepperoni choice and have a hankering for a much simpler ordering process which caters to drunkeness in particular, then Press For Pizza will be right up your street.

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