Q Timex Reissue LCA Watches

Needless to say we cover plenty of luxury watches here on the pages of The Coolector but, just as regularly, we fall for timepieces that sit much more towards the affordable end of the spectrum like these superb looking Q Timex Reissue LCA Watches. Priced at a thoroughly reasonable $149 and available from Worn & Wound’s WindUp Store, these cool looking timepieces are positively dripping in old school cool and we’re loving their vibe here at Coolector HQ.

The Q Timex Reissue LCA Watches from Worn & Wound are available in two different colours – steel and gold – and both will turn heads with their brilliant retro vibes. The sub-$150 price tag makes these watches a worthy addition to any watch lover’s line up when they’re after an everyday timepiece that ticks all the right style and performance boxes. Timex are obviously a brand that needs no introduction and their reputation precedes them for their history of delivering reliable, stylish and affordable watches for many years now.

80’s Vibes Abound

There is a distinctly 80s vibe to the look and feel of the Q Timex Reissue LCA Watches from Worn & Wound and they offer a a fun, functional, boxy little timepiece that is a replica of one from the heyday of digital. Positively chock full of awesome features that belie the affordability, the LCA (Liquid Crystal Analog) features a long display with dual readout for an supremely-techy aesthetic that we’re definitely digging here at Coolector HQ. 

The top display of the Q Timex Reissue LCA Watches ($149) features an analog design, rendered in blocky LCD style, that can be used to tell the time, track a second time zone, set the alarm, and much more. Then there’s a classic digital display which reads the time and doubles as a high-precision stopwatch to boot.

With a 32.5 x 40 x 9mm case in steel or gold-tone with a combination of understated brushed and polished surfaces, the LCA is a digital watch with a sophisticated, old-school style that you’ll likely forget is on your wrist. Smooth, sleek and surprisingly well-finished, it’s an ‘80s icon that is both wearable and stylish, albeit in a slightly nerdy kind of way perhaps. Mounted to a rolled steel bracelet with an effortlessly adjustable clasp, this is a timepiece that has its place in any watch aficionado’s collection.

Well Respected Watchmaker

Founded in 1854 as the Waterbury Clock Company, Timex has a rich and varied history in the world of timepieces. Long seen as a pioneer of innovation and technology, they have made everything from trench watches for soldiers in WWI to the best selling automatic of the ‘60s to the number one digital sports watch of the ‘80s like this brilliant looking Q Timex Reissue LCA Watch from Worn & Wound.

Their famous slogan “takes a licking and keeps on ticking” is also not just a motto for the brand, but a philosophy as well. Timex watches are always designed with everyday people and everyday tasks in mind, whether it’s going to work, taking the dog out for a walk, or taking your bike out for a long ride. Fun, functional, durable and affordable, Timex is a brand that will get you into watches, and always have a place in your collection.

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