Kings Wild Project Holographic Legal Tender Version II Playing Cards

We’ve got a weird obsession with playing cards here at Coolector HQ made even weirder by the fact we seldom play poker, blackjack et al nowadays. There are a handful of card makers that we always gravitate back to without fail based on the quality of their creations and Kings Wild Project is definitely chief amongst them. Their latest deck to have caught our eye is the superb looking Holographic Legal Tender Version II Playing Cards which are a visual treat to say the least.

The Kings Wild Project Holographic Legal Tender Version II Playing Cards have a price tag of $20 which is a mighty reasonable one for a deck as unique and eye-catching as this. As always, the quality of the design and the materials really is a cut above with Kings Wild Project and so it has proven once again here. If you like to play your card games with a touch of panache and striking style, this is undoubtedly the deck for you.

Money Talks

The currency style aesthetics of this amazing looking deck from Kings Wild Project gives a whole new look and feel to your games of poker, blackjack and any other card games that regularly form part of your games nights. This super cool deck is certainly one of our favourites to date from subscription playing card brand, Kings Wild Project, and it’s not hard to see why they are the go-to brand for those with a love of playing cards.

The Kings Wild Project Holographic Legal Tender Version II Playing Cards ($20) is their latest offering in a long line of luxury playing cards and they just seem to get better and better in our opinion here at The Coolector. This deck is inspired by artist Jackson Robinson and his love of currency art and banknote engraving.

This Legal Tender Deck is a real head turner and it is the culmination of some of Kings Wild’s most breathtaking artwork which has been combined with industry-leading advancements in printing technology and production. The end result is a holographic deck of cards which will provide talking points aplenty during any impromptu poker nights during your latest lockdown.

Experts in the Field

With over seven years in the industry and in excess of 200+ published decks, Kings Wild Project has struck the ideal balance between classic banknote engraving and the modern sleekness and sophistication of high tech banknote manufacturing in the Legal Tender Holographic Edition deck of playing cards and the $20 price tag is a steal.

The court cards feature an array of iconic American figures featured on today’s American currency. This ranges from Benjamin Franklin, George Washington to Abraham Lincoln. There are also other influential figures throughout America’s history that are featured within this luxury deck of cards: Harriet Tubman, Ulysses S. Grant, and Martha Washington to name but a few. Every aspect of this deck was thoughtfully considered, with no detail left unturned; from the subtle background images of the Statue of Liberty’s torch to the Declaration of Independence.

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