QM Weather

If, like us, you’re inherently lazy, you’ll probably not be too keen on looking out the window in the morning to see what the weather is doing but, fear not, there is a super cool piece of design emanating from Japan called QM Weather that will put paid to this mild nuisance of drawing back the curtains and, safe to say, we’re loving it here at Coolector HQ.

The QM Weather Device is a collaboration between Quantum and Kooyox and is a clever little construct which will give you an immediate overview of the weather outside with a quick glance at its minimalist front. It is an is an IoT weather forecasting device that boasts an aesthetically pleasing design alongside an innovative use of technology to deliver the sort of product that will sit wonderfully well in any workspace or on any bedside table.

Weather Watching

As big fans of clever little bits of technology here at The Coolector, this QM Weather device was always going to appeal to us but if you’re always wondering what the weather is like and don’t want to get up and look out the window, you’ll be in your element with this brilliantly designed and branded product. Taking design inspiration from the period of QM weather’s logo, the identity carries the red dot consistently across different media.

The objective of the branding was to present IoT technology as part of daily life through the use of a down-to-earth, soft and subtle manner which is plain to see in the minimalist aesthetic of the QM Weather device. Whilst it’s obviously not going to revolutionise the world, it is the sort of cool little product that a lot of creative workspaces are crying out for and if you live understated pieces of design, you’ll love this excellent offering.

Weather is a pretty unpredictable thing and even though the QM Weather device might not span the spectrum of potential weather conditions going on outside your door, it will at least give you a real time indication of what you can expect. Deployment in hotels is a really likely use of this cracking piece of design as it would sit perfectly on a hotel bedside table to let you know the weather in an unfamiliar city when you’re enjoying a break there.

Come Rain Or Shine

It’s always useful to know what the weather is doing at a glance before heading out the door and this QM Weather device will be a cool means of achieving that. Crafted from a wooden base and likely available in a number of different styles in terms of the icons used and illumination colours, you’ll be impressed with the striking visual impact that it boasts when you place it on your workspace or somewhere easy to see at a glance.

Clever design and technological innovations combine to make this QM Weather device a real stand out offering as far as we’re concerned at Coolector HQ and even though it’s not exactly a revolutionary product, it is certainly a cool one and that’s more than enough for us.

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