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Traditionally speaking, dress shirts have been made to look the part but often times comfort is a secondary consideration but that is something that these awesome looking Stantt Dress Shirts funding on Kickstarter now are making a thing of the past. But, you’ll be pleased to hear, not at the expense of style.

Billed as the most comfortable dress shirt you’ve ever worn, which is quite the claim (but one they can more than back up, more on that later), these fantastically well crafted Stantt Dress Shirts are sure to become a mainstay of your closet for years to come. The sheer comfort they deliver is entirely unparalleled. If you’ve long been waiting for a shirt that has both the style and comfort you crave, time to rejoice because that’s exactly what these Stantt Dress Shirts have to offer.

Dress to Impress

The beauty of these Dress Shirts from Stantt is the fact they deliver the comfort and performance that you’ll find in your favourite sportswear, and combine it with the elegant and sophisticated look of a dress shirt. Each one boasts a 4-way stretch, fast-drying and unparalleled comfort. It’s easy to see why excitement is high amongst men looking for a much more comfortable solution to their dress shirt requirements.

If you think you recognise the name of Stantt, you probably do, because they set about revolutionising the way shirts are sized four years ago in order to give men a much more comfortable and better fitting garment. They did this by creating a whole new sizing system from scratch. This entailed analysing millions of data points from body scans of actual people and combining this data with 3D modeling and thousands of live fittings. The end result of this was them coming up with 75 sizes as varied as the people that wear them – and it is these endeavours that underpin the comfort inherent in these Stantt Dress Shirts on Kickstarter.

Expertly designed to maximise comfort, these Stantt Dress Shirts are crafted from a revolutionary material called ComforTex that takes their fit to a whole new level and you’ll wonder where this sort of comfort has been all your life. Absolutely overflowing with impressive features which provide this unparalleled comfort including a 4-way stretch, moisture wicking, wrinkle resistance and temperature regulation, it’s difficult to know where to begin when explaining the many tangible benefits of these impeccable dress shirts.

Athletic Wear Meets Sophisticated Style

If we’re being honest, we all love the look of dress shirts but have always wished they had the comfort of sportswear and now this is a reality courtesy of this fantastic Kickstarter campaign from Stantt. Each shirt is made one at a time and by hand to guarantee the impeccable quality and the crisp, refined look of a premium dress shirt. These are the sort of shirts that look the part no matter the occasion and will go with both your business attire and in more casual outfits of jeans or chinos.

These awesome looking Stantt Dress Shirts are available in a number of different colourways over on Kickstarter for the duration of the campaign – including white, blue gingham and houndstooth – so you’re sure to find one (or likely more) that matches your own stylistic leanings. If you’ve long been hankering for a dress shirt that has the versatility and comfort of sportswear then that wait is over, my friend, and you’ve got the guys at Stantt to thank.

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