As we leave winter behind and head into spring, it’s inevitable that a lot of people, particularly those with wanderlust and a penchant for adventure, will be turning their attention to road trips and camping excursions over the next few months and on the hunt for the latest and greatest accessories to ramp up the experience.

From a functionality and comfort perspective, you’ll find few better purchases than this QUQUQ BusBox for your camping and road tripping excursions over the next few months and, put simply, it is a means of simply converting your station wagon into a camper van in less than one minute – which, we can all agree, will be a welcome addition to any road trip roster.

Hit the Road

One of the beauties of road trips is the ability to stop as and when you please when you see some amazing sight that you want to take in and with the well designed QUQUQ BusBox you can take it in in style. This cracking add-on for most type of station wagon vehicles expertly QUQUQ combines all the key components of a camper van – namely, a kitchen, bed and storage space – and manages to do so within one single box. With one of these in the trunk, you’ll be ready for any road based adventure in 2017 and beyond.

Simple in design but supremely versatile in execution, the QUQUQ BusBox is the sort of apparatus that regular road trippers fall for because it really does add a whole new dimension to their travels and makes for a much more enjoyable experience overall. With a 10cm thick mattress, two flame stove, sink, storage space and worktop surface all somehow contained within a single storage box, the QUQUQ BusBox has left us mighty impressed by its Tardis like qualities here at Coolector HQ.

If you’ve a] got a station wagon style vehicle and b] planning road trips aplenty in 2017, the QUQUQ BusBox will definitely be a purchase that pays for itself with the extra space and versatility it provides you whilst out on the open road. Both lightweight and incredibly robust, the quality of the craftsmanship is second to none and for those that love hitting the road, it is the ideal accessory.

Built to Last

The QUQUQ BusBox is built to last from the best materials which includes aluminium, waterproof plywood and stainless steel which will withstand the bumpiest of roads and worst of weather conditions that you can throw at it. The functionality of this accessory is second to none and it’s easy to see why it is looking to be a mighty popular purchase amongst those with a spirit for travel and adventure.

So, for those of you in the midst of planning your road trips over the next 12 months and looking for items to enhance the experience, this QUQUQ BusBox fits into this wonderfully well and the quality of its construction and sheer usefulness is second to none.

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